Ampo Firearms Accepts Bitcoin and Gives 5% Off

Ampo Firearms Accepts Bitcoin and Gives 5% Off
Ampo Firearms Accepts Bitcoin and Gives 5% Off

Ampo Firearms Accepts Bitcoin and Gives 5% Off

In his announcement, a user in Reddit said that Ampo Firearms is running a 5% off on everything sale from today through the end of April. To avail the offer, customers need to use coupon code btc4guns at checkout for the discount. He said, “Come trade your BTC for firearms, ammunition and accessories! Over 20,000 products to choose from!”

The user, who claims to represent the company said that Ampo Firearms uses Coinbase as its BTC processor and lamented that it is being done due to the unfortunate situation that the firearms industry is very limited in credit card payment processors because of society’s stigma against firearm ownership.

The message regarding the offer came from /u/Ampofirearms who said that after a customer goes through the headache of finding a processor that will accept a firearms dealer; he has to pay higher rates than a normal company. However, according to him Bitcoin solves all of these problems.

/u/Ampofirearms also said that here customers can still save 5% no matter what their payment method is as the company will be posting daily specials starting next week so be sure to check it out!

A Range of Products

Ampo Firearms brings a range of products that are now available in exchange of Bitcoin. Some top products such as Binoculars, Books & Software, Cleaning Equipment, Electronics, Flashlights & Batteries, Grips, Pads, Stocks, Bipods, Hard Gun Cases, Holsters/Pouches, Optical Accessories, Scopes & Mounts, Sights, Lasers & Lights, etc.
The company also sells several other products that include Slings & Swivels, Soft Guns, Cases/Packs, Targets, Air Guns, Ammunition, Firearms, Knives, etc. Apart from Bitcoin, the company also accepts payment through Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) and Check/Money Order, etc.


However, there are additional credit card charges when customers order shipments and in such a situation Bitcoin is definitely a better option for customers. The digital currency has emerged as a popular option for paying internationally as there are little to no charges unlike the other international payment methods like PayPal.

Regarding the payment in Bitcoin, the company clears that its merchandize is priced in dollars and if someone requests a refund and paid with it, it can refund the purchase price in Bitcoins at whatever the market rate is as published on COINBASE less the Coinbase transaction costs.

The company also cleared that this could result in customers receiving less Bitcoins than they paid. The other option customers have is to ask for a check less 5% transaction costs to cover the company’s fees.

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