American Green Now Accepting Bitcoin


American Green Now Accepting Bitcoin

American Green which became the first publicly traded medical marijuana dispensary brand in the world, back in 2009, has decided to accept Bitcoin. The company is considered a leader in the new legal weed industry and known for its innovative solutions for customers. It came to news after deploying the world’s first marijuana vending machine.

The marijuana vending machines dispensing marijuana related products came to existence in 2014 and since then have become extremely popular. Now, buyers can pay Bitcoin to by cannabis-infused foods or edibles. The addition of Bitcoin as a mode of payment for customers is going to help it cater those who wish to pay anonymously.

Talking to media professionals Greg Patrick, a spokesman for American Green said that now consumers can legally purchase the goods and must pay in cash or Bitcoin since the federal government doesn’t allow debit or credit cards to be used in the sale of marijuana. For now, the marijuana vending machines are available only in Washington State.

According to the firm due to federal laws, they are unable to be shipped over state lines. However, it says that it will bring the machines to other US states that have legalized weed to one degree or another. Nonetheless, it will first need to establish suppliers in the state wherein it plans to bring its vending machines to those states later this year.

The company informs that first it will scan their medical marijuana IDs or driver’s license; once it is done customers will be prompted by the machine’s touch screen. The customers can then click on the “green” item in the product menu wherein they will be asked how they would like to pay and that is where they can select Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitcoin is Super-Low Cost Payment Method

Nonetheless, it is not just easy but speedier mode of payment which the company considers will become popular as days go. Stephen Shearin, American Green COO, said in an interview that providing a payment facility that has a super-low cost to it, like Bitcoin, is an effective way to provide these guys, dispensaries and dispensary owners.

He says that Bitcoin is the best solution that helps the organizations be more efficient than other facilities that charge a higher fee. Patrick on the other says this is a great development for his company as it is not just able to develop retail, brand, and commercial cultivating solutions but also embrace the latest payment technology.

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