American Game Maker Zynga Opens Its Gates to Bitcoin

American Game Maker Zynga Opens Its Gates to Bitcoin
American Game Maker Zynga Opens Its Gates to Bitcoin
American Game Maker Zynga Opens Its Gates to Bitcoin
American Game Maker Zynga Opens Its Gates to Bitcoin

One of the biggest game makers, Zynga is now in the testing phase of Bitcoin payments in some of its popular games. Thus, this American game maker is giving an opportunity for Bitcoin owners have good reason to smile as they can now spend it at Zynga. Now, social game players will be able to use Bitcoin for in-game purchases in some of Zynga’s titles via

Currently, Zynga accepts Bitcoin for some of the top notch games that include inter alia FarmVille 2, CoasterVille, ChefVille, CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Cityville, and Hidden Shadows. However, the organization has clarified that this is just a test, so other games will not yet offer Bitcoin as a payment option.

Additionally, the organization has made it clear that it is also possible that the Bitcoin option may not be around for a long time as it is just that Zynga struck a partnership with Bitcoin service provider BitPay to handle the payment transactions and no long term plans are predictable from this point.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin users with the Chrome browser plug-in KryptoKit can enjoy a simplified process for credit purchases. According to the company sources the said plug-in simplifies Bitcoin payments on any internet page that accepts Bitcoin. The decision on the part of Zynga prompted Bitcoin investors and traders and the virtual currency again crossed $1000 benchmark.


Bitcoin Surging Ahead for the First Time This Year

The Bitcoin prices on the Mt. Gox Exchange exceeded $1,000 once more. This is all happening as the one of the biggest game companies Zynga Inc said it would be adopting the virtual currency for payment for some of its online social games. Earlier the last year in December the Bitcoin prices reached $1238 and yesterday’s trade was not weak as it reached at $1,119.

The rise and fall in the Bitcoin prices continues but the hopes of the thousands of investors are still on it. After reaching $1238 at Mt Gox, the virtual currency fell to the range of $600 and many investors lost their investment thanks to a steep fall. However, there is always some sort of risk and this is not unexpected.

The surge in Bitcoin prices has come when many investors and traders were disappointed by the developments in Chinese and Indian markets wherein their respective central banks issued guidelines and warned the users about the risks involved in Bitcoin.

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