American Comedian Louis C.K Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments


American Comedian Louis C.K Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

In one of the big developments, the renowned comedian and producer in America, Louis Székely who is also known as Louis C.K has started to accept Bitcoin payments for his comedy show performed at Madison Square Garden. Though there have been some singers that have in past started accepting Bitcoin payments, this will be perhaps first time a comedian does so.

The official website shows that the audio-only show can be purchased with Bitcoin through BitPay, and customers can choose the price for this audio album. According to the website Louis C.K says that he has the price set to 5 dollars but people can lower it to 1 dollar or raise it to 85. That’s the maximum, because beyond that, he does not want crazy money.

Louis C.K., the creator, star, writer, director, executive producer and primary editor of the acclaimed FX comedy series Louie, has had supporting acting roles in films such as The Invention of Lying, American Hustle, and Blue Jasmine. He is also noted for being among the first performers to offer direct-to-fan sales of tickets to his stand-up shows.

Interestingly, the decision makes Louis C.K the first comedian ever to accept Bitcoin for comedy albums and shows how progressive he about the changes in financial technologies. He has integrated BitPay on his website and enabled his fans and customers to purchase any of his shows, albums and recordings with Bitcoin.

Why Louis C.K. Accepting Bitcoin?

Why Did Louis C.K. Decided to Embrace Bitcoin

Though there can be various reason, the fundamental reason seems to be that Louis C.K began accepting Bitcoin payments for his cheap albums and audio-only shows on his site, including the Live At Madison Square Garden comedy show. The website says that users can purchase audio files for as little as US$1.

However, as Louis C.K. thinks using financial/mobile payment platforms like PayPal can be incredibly inefficient and expensive where PayPal charges around 7~10% in transaction fees, and can freeze user accounts sporadically, Bitcoin is the solution. Bitcoin has emerged as a leading payment option for rich features that includes no transaction fees.

A lot of customers from around the world face issue when they are not paying in US dollars; however, with Bitcoin it won’t be difficult for them. In fact, Bitcoin can truly be liberating for the fans who wish to buy audio tapes from Louis C.K. website.

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