Alydian from CoinLab to Deliver Bitcoin Mining Solutions to Customers

Alydian from CoinLab to Deliver Bitcoin Mining Solutions to Customers
Alydian from CoinLab to Deliver Bitcoin Mining Solutions to Customers

Alydian from CoinLab to Deliver Bitcoin Mining Solutions to Customers

CoinLab has officially launched its newest portfolio company, Alydian. It is the first of its kind as it will be the first to deliver turnkey solutions at large scale Bitcoin mining solutions. CoinLab has carved a niche in the market for being the first venture-backed Bitcoin company in the U.S., with this venture it is moving into the business incubator space.

A Well Thought Decision

Alydian is not just a decision but a well thought plan on the part of CoinLab, which initially positioned itself as a Bitcoin exchange and entered into collaboration with Japan-based Mt. Gox. However, when everything was going as planned for the company and it was all set to handle the U.S. operations of the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox backed off.

Now, the latest decision to form Alydian, a Bitcoin business incubator is a well thought plan to enter into the new segment as a ‘founder-led incubator.’ The sources from the company clear that it would not be supporting existing start-ups; rather, it will be helping external management talent to launch and manage Bitcoin businesses developed internally.

The First Large-Scale U.S. Bitcoin Mining Solutions Provider

With the announcement of their first incubated company, Alydian, CoinLab is aiming to be the first large-scale U.S. Bitcoin mining solutions providing company. Talking about Alydian, CEO of the company Hans Olsen says that Alydian has developed an enterprise-scale Bitcoin mining system over the past year and he is excited to announce its capabilities.

He also admitted that the system which is based on the company’s first generation 65 nm custom ASIC technology, will enable non-technical customers to participate in terahash and petahash-scale Bitcoin mining without worries or technical expertise. He also hopes that Alydian will begin at-scale operations and hosting in late August.


Hans Olsen Has Rich Experience

Hans Olsen comes with extensive experience. He is an industry semiconductor veteran and former CEO of Pixelworks and now joining the CoinLab family which is being led by CEO, Peter Vessenes. The two new entities are now aiming to bring a business that will help multiple Bitcoin businesses develop and expand around the world.

Peter Vessenes, CEO of CoinLab says that he is thrilled to have Hans as the head of the new venture. His company already has accomplished and respected tech start-up experts who have been roped in for Alydian to make it a successful venture.

Mr. Vessenes believes that Alydian is unique in the Bitcoin mining industry, as it has been designed from the beginning to provide turnkey on a massive scale to customers.

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