AlphaPoint Raises $1.35m in new funding to expand its line of digital currency exchange


AlphaPoint Raises $1.35m in new funding to expand its line of digital currency exchange

As AlphaPoint wants to expand its operations of the digital currency exchange solutions, it has raised $1.35m in new funding. The company says that it is bringing its products to new international markets. Some top notch VC firms Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Robin Hood Ventures, were among the funding agencies.

There were some notable angel investors such as Invite Media co-founder Scott Becker and DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg as well. Talking to media professionals AlphaPoint CEO Vadim Telyatnikov said that the funding round as one that will empower his company to help major digital currency exchanges better meet the increasing demands.

He said that the increasing demand of the large-scale operations, while new entrepreneurs, in turn, will be able to leverage the technology to launch marketplaces in new jurisdictions. Telyatnikov also explained his company’s big-picture vision saying “We see ourselves as the Intel Inside, with our clients marking themselves as their own brands and we’re the technology on the back end.”

The company believes that more exchanges will want to outsource the difficult technical components of building and scaling a complex infrastructure. This according to him is where AlphaPoint can gain traction in the market. He admitted that customers must put a lot of trust in their technical partner if the technology can’t keep up with volume or feature needs, their business can’t operate or stay competitive.

The Company Has State of the Art Technology

Elaborating his point Becker further said that he would put his trust in AlphaPoint as according to him the AlphaPoint team has already built successful exchange and trading systems in both the finance and online advertising spaces. According to his estimates, AlphaPoint now has roughly a dozen clients all over the world, including major regional Bitcoin exchanges such as Canada’s Cointrader and Mexico’s meXBT.

The company says that with state of the art technology, it enables businesses to integrate with the fabric of digital currencies including Bitcoin. It encourages clients to contact its sales department for more information like its products. Currently, AlphaPoint offers two products, the AlphaPoint Exchange Platform, and AlphaPoint Exchange Remarketer.

The AlphaPoint Exchange Platform advertises that it can process 1 million digital currency transactions per second. Similarly, the AlphaPoint Exchange Remarketer, which connects exchanges for liquidity. Telyatnikov is now confident AlphaPoint is the right platform that can help expand Bitcoin use globally, while capitalizing on trends in the market.

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