Alpha 7 Trading Academy Begins Accepting Cryptocurrencies


Alpha 7 Trading Academy Begins Accepting Cryptocurrencies

New York based trading academy has introduced Bitcoins and Litecoins as one of their payment modes. – The Alpha 7 Trading Academy, on Wednesday, issued a press release, recognizing Litecoins and Bitcoins as one of their payment methods. The scheme is now effectively applicable on all their courses on Programming and Automation of Trading Platforms, Current and Effective Intraday Trading Strategies, Algorithm Trading Strategy Development and other related products and services.

“Through utilizing the services of Bitcoin payment processor, Coinbase, Bitcoin payments are immediately converted at market rates, practically eliminating the risks associated with the volatility associated with accepting crypto-currencies”, the company’s spokesperson Ed Gitlin said while opening up about the reason of their interests in virtual currency.


He further acknowledged the Alpha 7’s innovative step of accepting Litecoin as well and said, “We hope to continue expanding our role in the crypto-currency business world by accepting additional crypto-currencies in the near future.”

The New York based trading academy is well-known for their insightful programs on technical analysis, market psychology and money-management. With their decision of using cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method, Alpha 7 has not only made its services more accessible to students but has also made sure that the emerging cryptocurrency miners, who are likely to use the Bitcoin/Litecoin payment method to enroll themselves, will get to learn the impeccable trading and investment strategy. This approach can directly contribute to the progression of the cryptocurrency trading.

Gitlin also ensures students to receive the best education material, designed, developed and narrated by award-winning author, Jea Yu.

The major step by Alpha 7 is likely to open new gates for the cryptocurrency world. It also enhances us with an idea to include currencies like Bitcoins and Litecoins in educational sector, as they gather more investors and users across the globe.

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