Alex Waters, CEO of, Compares Bitcoin with Internet, Sees Huge Potential


Alex Waters, CEO of, Compares Bitcoin with Internet, Sees Huge Potential

Though it is not for the first time that Bitcoin is being compared with Internet, in terms of innovation, Alex Waters, the CEO of Coin.Co, is perhaps first time comparing the effect of Bitcoin and Internet. The digital currency has its own supporters and skeptics; whereas supporters claim it will last, the skeptics doubt that Bitcoin is not going anywhere.

The CEO of the Bitcoin payments company says that he thinks the virtual currency will rival the Internet as far as how widely it could affect the world in a positive way. He says that he could say that the Internet has brought tremendous changes; for instance, it enabled things like email and social networks and personal websites, blogs.

Comparing Bitcoin with Internet he says that in similar manner the virtual currency enables decentralized organization and tokenization of securities and commodities and a whole bunch of really compelling things that are built on top of a platform. Defending his argument Waters compared the Internet to electricity.

Elaborating his point further he says the he thinks to look at it as electricity has given the world the Internet, maybe the Internet has given the world Bitcoin. Therefore, according to him Bitcoin rivals the Internet as far as its impact on humanity and the benefits to humanity are concerned. H

He admits that as much as electricity has benefited humanity, perhaps the Internet rivals that and that is where the comparison comes in. According to Waters it was really hard to say what Bitcoin will look like in the distant future, but he is confident that it will survive and remain the leader in its field.

Bitcoin is Flexible and Adaptive Says Waters

Explaining further his point Waters says that as far as the question will Bitcoin be the thing that exists in 10 or 20 years and be the dominant digital currency is concerned, he thinks that it is going to be yes. He believes that very much like Linux, Bitcoin is an open-sourced platform and able adapt and grow.

He adds that if a competitor were to come up with something innovative that’s better, Bitcoin could just incorporate those changes. According to him Bitcoin has already achieved critical mass, has momentum and a large number of really intelligent people working on it. He says that tons of people have invested money into it and more is on the way.

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