Alex Green Goes Missing with $1.4m of Bitcoin


Alex Green Goes Missing with $1.4m of Bitcoin – The suspense over Alex Green was further stiffened recently when he went missing with $1.4m worth of Bitcoin. According to the other Moolah officials, Green is holding the entire cash in his personal wallet.

The notorious Moolah founder and chief executive recently declared Moolah to be bankrupt, following with an assurance to the customers that their funds are safe and will be returned before October 31st. But in the wake of latest events, which directly proved Alex Green to be a scammer, his stand before the Moolah customers and the entire cryptocurrency community was shaken to the core. He was first accused by Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer, of being an old-time fraud Ryan Kennedy. After a few days of silence, Green accepted his older identity and confessed that he simply wanted to “start [his] life over and have some peace.”

In his tenure as Kennedy, Alex Green was associated with some anime Japanese Cartoons, and had also played investors in multiple Bitcoin ventures, including web-hosting company Flerbie and Bitcoin mining firm Lemon. Before starting Moolah as Alex Green, he was also accused of having other proxy identities as well, which were Ryan Albright, Ryan Fletcher and Ryan Gentle.

Alex Green later acquired MintPal, when the latter was on the verge of breaking down after a heist of around $2m Bitcoin. He thus integrated 70,000 customer accounts into its Moopay – the parent company of Moolah. Before fleeing away with the MintPal money, Alex Green’s last public statement was apologetic. He said: “I know sorry isn’t good enough. I know I have fucked up on a catastrophic level. There should have been better procedures in place.” And then he vanished.

The most troubled people after this alleged heist are Moolah customers, which are now gathering as one to trace back their money. Sadly, there is a chance that Alex Green has already sold the money on the black market. The only option the customers are left with is to file an official complaint to police, and also sue Moolah to recover back their lost funds. The way we see it, another Mt. Gox has just happened.

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