Africa to Hold the First Bitcoin Africa Conference on the 16th & 17th April 2015


Africa to Hold the First Bitcoin Africa Conference on the 16th & 17th April 2015

The organizers say, “We are excited to announce the first Bitcoin Africa Conference on the 16th & 17th April 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa.” Thus, the continent is going to hold an event that may give impetus to the digital currency and help the people have additional option for payment. The event is expected to provide huge scope for participants.

The official website of the organizers claim that the Bitcoin Africa Conference will bring together merchants, investors, venture capitalists, start-ups and Bitcoin enthusiasts who are all looking to move Bitcoin forward in Africa. Thus, the event is aiming higher and willing to set precedence for the future Bitcoin events in the continent.

According to them the conference aims to provide an in-depth understanding of a lot of issues about Bitcoin. For instance, it will focus on developing some understanding about Bitcoin. There will be discussions on the block chain and Bitcoin mining which is emerging as a popular choice among a lot of users who are involved in Bitcoin ecosystem.

The panelists will also discuss merchant adoption of Bitcoin in Africa and the financial, legal and regulatory implications of the digital currency. A group of panelists will discuss the future of Bitcoin. Thus, there will be huge debate and discussion on Bitcoin and what changes can it bring along for the users.

According to the organizers, “The Bitcoin Africa Conference will address many of the issues surrounding Bitcoin, as well as the potential that Bitcoin offers individuals and businesses alike. It will be held at Atlantic Imbizo Conference and Function Studio, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town.

Huge Scope for Bitcoin in Africa

Various reports say that majority of people in Africa are without banking services; however, as they have huge remittance market, Bitcoin can serve the purpose well. However, for Bitcoin bare minimum infrastructure is required and from that point of view, as mobile users are quite significant in numbers, mobile payments could be great idea.

The largest provider of such payments, M-Pesa, already operates in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, as well as India and Afghanistan. This company lets foreign-dwelling folk send money through a partnership with Western Union; however, with Bitcoin payment could be made easy and fast as well as no processing fees.

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