ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:ADVT) shares are flat on Monday and unchanged in after-hours trading at $0.0175. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.04. The company has a market cap of $9.31 million at 465.48 million shares outstanding.

Advantis Corporation is a company that focuses on the development of innovative products that supply the medical cannabis, research, and pharmaceutical industries. The company is focused on helping people take control of their health and pain management needs. By creating strategic partnerships with innovative companies in the nutraceutical and alternative health care industries, the company is uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and support to assist in delivering products and services that address the needs of these individuals.

In a press release, Advantis Corporation announced that it recently added two new premium Amstercan clients, San Diego based cultivator, Chateau Cannabis Co. and Costa Mesa’s high volume distributor), Nature’s Top Shelf from Cannainnovations.

“In the beginning, everyone was intrigued and ordered small amounts to test before they ordered larger quantities,” said Advantis Corporation CEO, Christopher Swartz. “Now that Amstercan is becoming more well-known as being synonymous with the highest quality product, we are receiving large orders right off the bat; and those that did test orders are all ordering larger and larger quantities.”

It added Chateau Cannabis Co. as a client in March during which their second order for Amstercans was more than triple their first order. Meanwhile, Nature’s Top Shelf ordered over 5,000 Amstercans for their first order, and are requesting this amount on a monthly basis.

“Building a consistent Amstercan client base and supplying superior service to them is paramount to Advantis’ success,” Swartz said. “Amstercans are the key that opens the door to the litany of new products we are able to introduce through our client and partner pipeline. The ongoing revenue from from our loyal Amstercan clients supply the necessary cash flow to support our ongoing efforts to expand the Advantis footprint.”

Swartz also mentioned that several new potential Amstercan clients will soon be added. This means that the company is seeing consistently increasing revenues and is tweaking its plan for the increasing volume of business.

“Obviously, we are increasing revenue, but now I see profit in sight,” Swartz explained. “To get there, we are reducing our costs by ordering larger quantities of materials, and the new canning machine will cut more costs by allowing us to automate more processes. We should receive it this month. We are in a great place right now. We are consistently growing our client base, introducing new products, and more importantly, word is spreading throughout the cultivator community that Amstercan is a great way to preserve and deliver their highest quality products. Our canning business is literally growing exponentially, and I see all of our products participating in that success.”