Advantis Corp (OTCMKTS:ADVT) Almost Ready to be a SEC Fully-Reporting Company


Advantis Corp (OTCMKTS:ADVT) shares were up 26.52% to $0.0146 and flat in after-hours trading on Thursday. The company has a market cap of $5.59 million at 465.48 million shares outstanding.

Advantis Corp is a company that focuses on the development of innovative products that supply the medical cannabis, research, and pharmaceutical industries. The company is focused on helping people take control of their health and pain management needs. By creating strategic partnerships with innovative companies in the nutraceutical and alternative health care industries, the company is uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and support to assist in delivering products and services that address the needs of these individuals.

In its latest press release, Advantis Corp announced that it is taking steps to become a fully-reporting public company primarily due to the rate at which it has been growing revenue and acquiring shareholders. This picked up pace after the company launched the Amstercan packaging solution late last year, leading to a surge in revenue a month later.

It has always been our goal to become a leader in the cannabis space,” said Advantis Corp CEO, Christopher Swartz, “and now that we are generating significant ongoing revenue, becoming a fully-reporting company is the next logical step.”

“I do my best to build this business because, as a pain management expert, I truly care about those using marijuana for medical use. Amstercan is a symbol of that trust that I believe cannabis users deserve — a consistent, reliable, high quality product… which is what Amstercan holds inside its container. I expect the company as a whole to represent these values, as well,” he added.

Swartz hinted that they have more plans lined up mentioned the live video presentation he plans on doing before the end of the quarter. He also shared that they have exciting new products for introduction in the coming weeks. For now, shareholders are eagerly awaiting the company’s Q4 earnings report, which might print very strong results and upgraded management guidance for the rest of the year.

“Responsible growth means responsible corporate behavior,” Swartz continued. “We owe transparency to our shareholders, and becoming fully-reporting means our stockholders will have more faith in our company and its future. We could be looking at a seven figure revenue year. The sooner we become fully-reporting, the better. Better for the company, better for our shareholders, and ultimately better for our clients.”

Swartz also mentioned that responsible growth means expanding only when revenue allows for it so investors could rest assured that management and executives are not being overly-aggressive with their expansion and targets.