Advanced Cash Partners with BitPay to Offer Bitcoin Functionality for Clients


BitPay Bitcoin Payment

As Bitcoin is reaching to retailers and individuals, Advanced Cash, an easy to use and versatile online payment system, too is willing to explore the potential available. Towards this, the company has announced that it is partnering with BitPay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, to continue their Bitcoin functionality.

The announcement came in the form of a press release wherein Advanced Cash promises to offer an e-currency platform that has features like e-wallets, virtual and plastic debit cards, international money transfers, bulk payments for businesses, etc. According to the company this partnership will enhance its Bitcoin services for clients globally.

Also, the company claims that the fundamental purpose behind the partnership is to be faster than conventional money transfer tools, cheaper than a regular bank account, and easier to use than other e-currencies. Nonetheless, in such a demanding situation there is no better solution than Bitcoin which has already caught attention globally.

Also, as the Bitcoin industry grows in transaction volume and technology development, companies like Advanced Cash need to have a scalable product to compete and meet customer expectations. Nonetheless, partnering the established Bitcoin payment processor like BitPay, they are able to provide reliable and efficient services to Bitcoin users.

Also, offering frictionless transactions powered by enterprise level software and support service, Advanced Cash is all set to win the confidence of the clients who are willing to move one step further towards swift and secure payment. Nonetheless, the main use for Bitcoin in Advanced Cash is as an account funding method.

Bitcoin is not just fast but Saves Transaction Fees as Well

Additionally, the press release informs that e-wallet owners are able to get a virtual or plastic debit card and use Bitcoin to fund their account and then send funds to their cards instantly as well. Also, this is the best solution as it lets Bitcoin users easily convert their Bitcoin into a fiat balance that can be spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Talking to media professionals Yaacov Bitton, Advanced Cash’s CEO, says that the company is excited to finally be able to offer its customers an easy and affordable way to fund their e-wallets in Bitcoin and then manage their online funds the way they want.

At the same time he added that the company sees a growing demand for this kind of services. He believes that his company is all about giving its clients the most cutting edge tools powered by latest technology available, and here, BitPay solutions are of a great value.

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