Acology Inc (OTCMKTS:ACOL) Shares Warming Up for a Bullish Run


Acology Inc (OTCMKTS:ACOL) shares were up 26.54% on Tuesday to $0.00329 and flat in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.00. The company has a market cap of $20.08 million at 5.16 billion shares outstanding.

Acology Inc is a holding company that is engaged in designing, manufacturing, branding and selling plastic medical grade containers through its subsidiary D&C Distributors LLC. Its plastic medical grade containers can store pharmaceuticals, herbs, teas, and other solids or liquids, and also grinds solids and shred herbs.

Another subsidiary D&C Printing LLC is engaged in the business of private labeling and branding for purchasers of containers and other products and markets directly to businesses through its phone room, to the retail public through Internet sales and, and to wholesalers and other businesses reselling its products to other businesses and end users.

The company’s Medtainer container stores herbs and herbal remedies, medicines, coffee and teas, wines and liquors, foods, and other solids and liquids without cross-contamination and is manufactured from medical-grade polypropylene resin, and is air and water-tight, non-porous and non-leaching.

Medtainer is perhaps the only truly safe plastic ‘Child-Resistant’ container for cannabis and cannabis products in the emerging industry. The company’s certificate for child safety comes from the prestigious firm, Child Related Research Inc, which is a member of the American Society of Manufacturing and Testing and the Institute for Packaging Professionals. The market for this product is expected to rise given the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana in several states after the November 8 elections.

A number of companies have focused their efforts in selling cannabis edibles and beverages, but sellers can anticipate that child-safety packaging will be closely scrutinized for compliance before being sold to the general public. To date, there aren’t a lot of companies operating in this sphere so Acology could be poised to profit from being one of the first-movers in this niche.

MedTainer is the only FDA approved #5 polypropylene container that can store and grind cannabis flower or hold a variety of edibles. It has passed the rigid examination of CRR Inc. and was issued a certificate with a 100% child-safety rating. As such, it is a readily-available solution for many companies that have entered the market or are completing plans to make an entrance, compared to other products that are still being developed or have yet to attain certification.

In addition, Acology Inc announced that agreements are pending between their agents in Canada and the national Canadian healthcare service for the use of MedTainer as the premier packaging solution for cannabis users throughout the country. Currently, 3 of the top 5 medical cannabis consumer companies, Aurora, Organigram Pharm and Redecan Pharm, use MedTainers for their products.

With that, Acology Inc has already established a presence in the Canadian market since 2014. Last year, Vancouver regulated the sale of medical cannabis from municipally licensed dispensaries while Prime Minister Trudeau supports ending the prohibition of marijuana and has advocated his and the party’s stance for complete legalization multiple times.

In a nutshell, Acology Inc is already taking advantage of the rise in cannabis use in Vancouver while positioning itself to make similar strides in the growing marijuana industry in the United States, thereby looking at a lot of potential upside in share prices.

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