ABC Options Review


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ABC Options Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to’s review of ABC Options, a binary options broker. As you can see, there are various bonuses depending on the size of the account, so that is one of the first things you see on the slider. It also touts that it is a platform for both novice and professional traders, which makes it very intuitive and very simple platform.

The training that is available on ABC Options is rather extensive, and as such you can certainly take advantage of lot of different expertise and opinions as far as markets are concerned. Binary Options tutorials available. You can see that how it tells you steps to decide whether market is going up or down. That is one of the beauties of trading a particular binary options. It is just kind of let you watch through the process of the platform and how to go ahead and do that in real world.

[01:27] – So that is pretty straightforward. Trading Academy versus the Education Center; course introduction: a whole new of world of global trading; it shows the advantages of binary options; it shows the chances and risk involved in trading binary options; see if you are an emotional trader; and distributed risks. And that is something you can do with a broker like ABC Options that you can distribute risks around the world in different places, and really because they have so many different correlations or non-correlated assets you can trade.

For example, here on the side you can set the expiry date here; up or down; different currency pairs (even Bitcoin); you can also do Touch, Range and Turbo. Touch is basically the same scenario in which price is going to hit a specific price sooner or later; Range of course means that the trade is required to remain in a range; and Turbo is one of the types of binary options that are becoming more and more popular (you know 30 seconds, 5 minutes, etc.)

[02:42] – So back to the digital, which is the basic binary option up and down, you can see that you have a chart here pretty straightforward. You can switch between indices; for example if you want to do MIB Italy, you can say up or down; you can invest up to this time and now of course set the expiration, say 09:30, and then you have a couple of different times you can pick from.

S&P Future: time to invest and run out as well. As you can see Stocks, you have got plenty of stocks to choose from. And so for example you pick Commerce Bank, you will have to follow same thing straightforwardly. You have different types you can do as well; different types of trades with them also. Commodities: there are six commodities you can choose trade. The common ones you could expect: Gold, Silver, Copper, Coffee, Oil and Sugar. Well they have sugar so you can keep a live track as well.

As far as opening an account, it’s pretty straightforward. As far as funding, you know you can see that there is the usual VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Skrill, MX, etc. There is an FAQ that you can click on. This website answers pretty much straightforward anything that you want to do in terms of trading. You can deposit rather quickly. You can choose and manage account in different currencies but that been said, this feature is also automatically put in your local currency. Of course if you want to change that, let them know.

[04:35] – 200 EUR is a minimum deposit. You have to withdraw the desired amount and perform the payment method. The deposits, if that is less than which you are withdrawing then it comes become profitable. They can reform the credit card if that is you deposit method, the amount that you originally deposit that can also be attached to your banks. You can see that they do work against the money laundering so you’ll need, you know, some utility bills. That is pretty standard these days as well.
That been the case, I mean, it’s pretty straightforward, it’s a nice broker which understands and gives you plenty of assets to trade. Economic Calendar even is available on the site. It’s a pretty straightforward platform, we do like it a lot. Some platforms can get to be a little bit cluster but this is much more straightforward in compare to the other ones you will see. And because of that we do like the fact that it is such a straightforward type of situation.

The contact information, pretty straightforward you have the British telephone number. They can answer you in English, French, Spanish, or Dutch. So offline support is also available. Being a pretty straightforward broker is one of its major advantages.

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