Forex Broker – abcOptions

abcOptions Review

abcOptions is a binary options broker that offers the world’s markets at a glance. It is easy to access several markets, and this allows the trader to take advantage of almost any market condition, and this can often lead to greater profitability in the end. The broker is good for both novice and professional traders, so the ability of the end user will be well served either way.

All accounts are funded in Euros, and the minimum deposit is just 200 EUR. The broker also has a maximum trade size of 5,000 EUR, ensuring that the trader doesn’t get into too much trouble. The platform has encryption and security in order to keep transactions secure, so the trader can feel safe with abcOptions as their facilitator.

There are plenty of support options as well, and can be done in English, Spanish, French, or Dutch. The broker offers digital, 60 second, range, and touch options. This allows a plethora of trading options for each instrument, meaning that the trader should continue to see more and more opportunities.

Company Information

Company Name:
Founded in:
Mahe, Republic of Seychelles
The Owner:
Green Galaxy International
+44 203 6088 255
Minimum Deposit:
200 EUR
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum Per Option:
5000 EUR
Languages available:
English, French, Dutch, and Spanish

Trading Platform

The trading platform that abcOptions uses is secure, using 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the most robust encryption in the marketplace. This allows the trader to feel comfortable placing trades on the webpage platform itself, and confidence that the transaction is in fact private.
The platform allows the trader to go through the entire list of assets, and trade stocks, indices, forex, and commodities as well. The array is vast an impressive, and the ease of hoping from one market to another is indeed one of the best things about the platform. This platform is easily maneuvered through, and even the most basic of traders will feel comfortable using it.

Customer Support

As mentioned previously, abcOptions has support in four languages, but also has the ability to assist you in other languages as well. However, this is done by email only, and will take a bit longer than in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish. The ability to get live chat support from the webpage itself is also a handy feature, and as a result there is always someone to assist you. The ability to call in all four languages helps out the trader as well.

Ultimate Overview

AbcOptions is a solid broker as far as technology is concerned, as the platform is very secure. Also, the list of assets is indeed very impressive, as the trader can trade all of the usual assets such as EUR/USD, Gold, and the MIB. However, there are also a lot of more obscure assets such as BB&T, the MICEX, and the EGX Cairo. In other words, you have the ability to take advantage of the global markets. This allows for more trading possibilities, and ultimately more profits.

The trading academy is also extensive, and is a good place to start your journey into the world of binary options. This is one of the strongest reasons for a newer trader to go to AbcOptions, and certainly can be an advantage for the more experienced trader as well, as it can be used for “refresher” education.

Looking at the totality of the broker, it is hard to image that you will ever find a better choice for your binary options needs.