A New Bitcoin Symbol Likely After Industry Group Seeks Change


A New Bitcoin Symbol  Likely After Industry Group Seeks Change

An industry group has started a campaign to change the Bitcoin symbol. A site operated by industry players has chosen the Unicode symbol Ƀ as a more legitimate way to represent the currency in both print and electronic media.

According to thebitcoinnews, the symbol already exists as a Unicode Consortium’s character. The non-profit organization describes the character as a stroked capital B with Latin roots and has the hex Alt+0243.

Already, Bitcoin firms such as ZeroBlock, Tip4Commit and several others denote the currency with the symbol Ƀ.

For quite some time, the digital currency has been represented using the symbol B⃦, which the Unicode Consortium does not recognize as a Unicode character. The authority formulates such standards.

Having a Unicode symbol for Bitcoin would make it possible to work in a wide array of formats and fonts. It would also help promote the cryptocurrency to a huge portion of potential users in various forms and media.

The cryptocurrency community has been deliberating on ways to have B⃦ deployed in line with the Unicode Consortium and set up a dedicated Bitcoin Wiki resource.

But the path to a new recognized symbol for Bitcoin would be easier with Ƀ, which the Unicode Consortium already accepts as a character.


Several players in the Bitcoin community and who spoke to Coindesk have expressed varied sentiments in reaction to the reports that a new symbol for the digital currency is being sought.

“I think it’s a good branding move – open source, no currency symbol conflicts, available as a font,” John Light said.

“I’m not a huge fan of that actual symbol, but I think it’s a pretty neat idea,” said Sean Neville, head of technology at Circle, a firm devoted to promotion of Bitcoin use.

Still, Boost VC founder Adam Draper wondered what the point of the new symbol is, considering there is already an existing one for Bitcoin.

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