A Good Time to Invest in SaturnCoin


A Good Time to Invest in SaturnCoin ForexMinute.com – The growing influence of top coins in the cryptocurrency market sometimes overshadows the coins that lay low. There have been some triple digit percentile growth in the past where many smaller coins have surged to the top ten market cap list, and the latest one to show potential is SaturnCoin.


Those who do not well about this coin must know that it is yet another Scrypt-based cryptocurrency with a total market supply of 7.9 billion units. Like any other coin available in the market today, SaturnCoin also has something unique to offer to its miners and users, that is attractive block rewards with a possibility to double them in special cases, only 80 second of block time, and the requirement of only two blocks to confirm the transaction.

While the features are very common, even if unique, we at ForexMinute.com believe that it is yet a right time for investors to pump this coin. Reason is again the reliable backing this coin has been getting recently. Earlier, its market was lifeless and its price was hanging between 2 to 3 satoshis. But what we saw today was, a sheer indication of someone’s (or somebody’s) efforts to put life into this coin. With no event factors playing and no major announcement circulated, SaturnCoin managed to surge over 200% in the last 24 hours – taking its value to now around 10 satoshis. See the snapshot below:

Saturncoin Chart

If Bitcoin holders are reading this article, they must try to invest into this coin as its market can be easily manipulated to make profits. So in case, if you even hold, like 100 Bitcoins, you can have excess to half of the SaturnCoin’s market cap. Investors can push the market ahead until the coin reaches the top position. Holding or selling them later on will simply depend on their moral. But from where we are looking, this coin will certainly bring profits to its investors in either case. Still avoid pump and dump if possible.

To contact the reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com

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