A Dentist in Poland, a Subway Franchise Accepting Bitcoin

A Dentist in Poland, a Subway Franchise Accepting Bitcoin
A Dentist in Poland, a Subway Franchise Accepting Bitcoin

A Dentist in Poland, a Subway Franchise Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is keeping up to its reputation and after Virgin Galactic, now it is the turn of dentists and a Subway franchise to accept Bitcoin. According to reports a dentist in Kielce in central Poland is even offering a 10% discount for customers who pay in the digital currency. The company called ‘Profident,’ which also makes dental equipment, is Poland’s and possibly Europe’s first dental clinic to accept Bitcoin payments.

Transactions Fees a Reason to Move towards Bitcoin Payment Says the company
Now it is clear that it is not just pure love for Bitcoin but economical advantages that is prompting business organizations to Bitcoin. ‘Profident’ admits that transaction fee was a major reason to move towards Bitcoin payments. Tomasz Zbożeń of the company says that he has 60% of payments via debit or credit cards, and it is growing.

He clears that in his country fees are very high that may go up to 2% of transaction value and that is incurring him a lot of losses which he hopes he can avoid using Bitcoin. Though his company is first dental organization that is accepting Bitcoin, a string of Polish organizations have begun to embrace the digital currency open heartedly.


Profident Not the Only Company to Accept Bitcoin, It is extremely popular in Poland

For instance, there are several social media agencies, web design companies, a free market think-tank, etc. already accept Bitcoin in payment. However, there is no coherent guidance on the use of Bitcoin on the part of the Polish government. In fact, contrary to popular belief, a policy document released in July by the government says that Bitcoin is not currency under Polish Law.

The Virtual Doctor Project

It is a project wherein teleconferencing is being used for connecting doctors with patients in remote areas of Africa. The Virtual Doctor Project is a charitable organization accepting Bitcoin. The founders of the project admit that they believe that Bitcoin is possibly a new route to attracting donations and as a charity that is something they are always interested in.

A Subway Franchise Accepting Bitcoins

Although Subway does not endorse Bitcoin, this franchise run by Sapan Shah, a 24-year-old graduate student at Lehigh University did not pay heed to what the owner endorses. In fact, since he began accepting Bitcoin at his Allentown, Pa., Subway franchise, he has received a lot of footfalls from Bitcoin enthusiasts.

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