New Patent Reveals a Possible Bitcoin-Amazon Integration


New Patent Reveals a Possible Bitcoin-Amazon Integration – At last, we are seeing the possible acceptance of Bitcoin in the mainstream markets. Few weeks back, it was the popular ecommerce website eBay whose CEO Mr. John Donhoe opened up about their company’s plans to consider Bitcoin integration with PayPal. This time, another internationally renowned ecommerce store Amazon is found to be flirting with Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation.

According to a recent patent filing made public by the NASDAQ Company, it can be presumed that they are arguably planning to adapt the Bitcoin technology into their network. Although, the patent never directly says that, but the subject under which this whole conspiracy theory can be presumed favors the possibility.


Titled “Allocating Financial Risk and Reward in a Multi-Tenant Environment”, the whole notice speaks of the need of maximizing the cloud based technology by planting flexible funding schemes. After a few paragraphs, the article took its turn to cryptocurrencies, quoted as following:

“In at least some embodiments, particularly where the request is to perform a single task, the user may not even have to provide any type of identity signing a request, user credentials, or other such identifying information. As an example, a user might submit a request to obtain dedicated access to an application server instance for a period of two hours, and can provide digital cash with the request in the amount needed for the requested two hour period of time. Various types of digital cash, electronic money, or crypto-currency can be used, such as Bitcoins provided by the Bitcoin P2P Currency System.”

This is indeed the story for optimists, as we are still unclear about whether Amazon will start taking Bitcoin as one of its payment methods or not? But we cannot exactly deny the possibilities of such events in the future. It is not just about Amazon personal’s affection for the cryptocurrencies, but also to keep its momentum as par with its competitors (like eBay).

While eBay and Amazon might still be in their “considering Bitcoin” mode, many other renowned ecommerce businesses have already jumped into the pool of cryptocurrencies. They are Overstock, Tiger Direct, Fiverr, eGifter amongst others. Let us see when the biggies look towards making big amendments or not.

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