Types of Binary Options Systems Offered by OptionTrade


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[00:09] Hello everyone! The following is the review of the OptionTrade binary option trading platform. In this review, I will touch on the types of binary options systems that are offered by OptionTrade, which include Call and Put Binary Options (which is also known as ‘Above’ or ‘Below’ Binary Options); there are One Touch Options; there are Pair Options; there is a whole Short Term Sixty Seconds Options.

Additionally, I will discuss the assets that are traded. Some of their option tools, their expiry methods, their payouts, as well as the deposit and withdrawal methods that are offered by OptionTrade.

[00:53] – OptionTrade seems to be focused on Call or Put Binary Options, otherwise known as the ‘Above’ or ‘Below’. They call them their classic binary option in which you are looking to speculate on whether the security at your trading is going to be above or below the current levels by the expiration of the binary options.

They offer this on numerous, different types of timeframes which include anything from an hour or even 15 minutes up into longer term options which they offer within one month period. The payouts that are offered by OptionTrade range from 70 percent to 85 percent on their classic and long term binary options, which is very much standard within the industry for most of the binary option brokers that are available.

[01:49] – They also offer One Touch options. These are options which can pay a higher payout. They do not expire out of specific time where the price has to be above or below for it to be in a money. All the options need to do is touch or not touch at the particular level by the expiration period to allow that option to be in the money with a specific payout.

The offer is 60 Second option. This is a quick option that expires within sixty seconds of the transaction being placed, and the payout is your reward towards the 70 percent level.

[02:25] – The last type of very interesting option that is offer by this broker are the Pair Options. Pair Options usually have a pair between 70 and 85 percent, and is whether one asset will be higher relative to another within a specific time frame.

So for example, Will Google be higher than Apple by the end of the expiration? And if it is, the investor will receive a payout. The offer, a huge asset list of currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and then what they call others, which are their pairs and you could see the different pairs that are listed. The commodities that they offer are non-standard which is very nice. They offer coffee, and corn. They offer gold (in euro term); they offer platinum, sugar, wheat, which are very nice to trade since the value of this particular products are relatively high.

[03:29] – In terms of funding, most of the deposit methods are credit cards or well they offer wire as well. They list the credit cards they offer as well as money bookers; they offer IPO. They have the maximum deposits on wires as well as the different credit cards. The minimum deposit on the number of credit cards as well. Each will have a different deposit method and how long it takes for your deposit to hit your new opened account.

[04:01] – In terms of withdrawal methods, it’s very similar to most of the other binary options to the extent that it takes only between 2 and 7 business days. Once they receive written communication that you would like to withdraw. With bank wires the amount of withdrawals is unlimited but there is a minimum withdrawal they have on their different credit cards which is also listed on their websites.

[04:31] – OptionTrade has a trading options tool within their website that tells you different ways in which you can trade your binary options. If you want to continue from the sample, they have a rollover methodology which for an additional 30 percent you can stay within a particular trade that your’re in so if you believe the trade is going your way but has not reached potential yet, you can use the rollover technique.

You can also use a double-up technique which allow you to increase the size of the Range Up you have. You can sell your option as well. They offer graphing as part of their package. They have a very large education section with number of different video you are able to use. And they also offer bonus offerings. This is a hundred percent bonus offer up to 500 Dollars or 400 Euros which is match completely for nearly ever account they have available.

OptionTrade is a very easy to use and sophisticated binary options broker. Their offer is a platform of different assets to trade and numerous different products you can trade upon.
It is highly recommended. Good luck for your trading.

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