21 Inc. Releases a Unique Bitcoin Computer


21 Inc. Releases a Unique Bitcoin Computer

ForexMinute.com — 21 Inc., a Bitcoin company backed by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz, has recently announce the sale of its new Bitcoin hardware.

The 21 Bitcoin Computer, as the product is referred, is reported as the first-ever machine that features native hardware and software support for the Bitcoin protocol. The pocket-size computer is equipped with special built-in mining chips, micropayment server, and a private Bitcoin OS — all available through a command line interface.

Interestingly, the computer is seemingly aimed more at developers than average consumers. As mentioned in the 21’s official announcement, developers and entrepreneurs can use 21 Bitcoin Computer for:

  • mining Bitcoin from command line
  • selling API calls for Bitcoin
  • setting up personalized goods store (like iTunes)
  • rewarding peers for distributing links on social media
  • making IoT order Bitcoin-rentable.

The company said that it wishes to help developers build goods and application on the 21 Bitcoin Computer which, in return, could help them earn passive incomes on internet. The core aim, as it further stated, is to “return economical power to the individuals.” An excerpt:

“We want to use the success of the 21 Bitcoin Computer to help make Bitcoin the next fundamental system resource, available by default on every new computer. That journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you are a developer or entrepreneur, and you want to help us reach that destination, please go ahead and get a 21 Bitcoin Computer now.”