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TitanTrade Review

TitanTrade Review

One of the finest binary options trading services providers, TitanTrade is a web-based trading platform. Traders who are looking for a comfortable trading platform would prefer TitanTrade as it was created by industry veterans aiming to create a more down to earth and diverse binary options trading experience.

Broker Information:

Founded in:
Nicosia, Cyprus
The Owner:
NRG Capital Limited
+44 203608 0111
Online form
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum PerTrade:
Languages available:
Up to 100%

Trading Platform

Sophisticated yet user-friendly trading platforms from TitanTrade help traders enjoy an enhanced trading experience. Their website is uncluttered and provides perfect finishing with the graphics that are bright and colorful for a better user-experience. Additionally, traders get to see the live price chart that helps them while trading.
Best part with TitanTrade is that here traders can do round the clock trading which is not available with so many other brokers.
60 second expiry – TitanTrade offers a 60 Seconds trading platform that gives investors an attractive opportunity wherein they can profit from the swift changes in the Forex market. Here traders can make unlimited trades that expire in just one minute. Traders do not need to do much; rather, they need to predict whether the prices will go up or will fall. Available from Monday through Friday, 60 Second Expiry is a 24/5 services provider with the minimum trade amount of $5.
Traders get a trading account manager who provide comprehensive consultancy on the strategies and trading styles and ensure that traders get up to 70% returns on their investment.
One Touch – This trading platform ensures traders up to 500% returns on their investments. It is a trading platform where traders experience an all-or-nothing trading experience i.e. you either win all the amount or you end up losing all of it. However, as it brings returns up to 500%, traders prefer it a lot. Here to traders get Monday through Friday trading wherein the trade expires every day at 5 PM GMT. Traders can also access One Touch on Saturday and Sunday with the expiration date for the following Friday.
Although there are a range of benefits opting for the One Touch trading platform, a major advantage is that traders do not need to wait for the expiry time as the asset’s rate just needs to reach the target price or fall below it as soon as they make a trade i.e. they get payout instantly.
Trading Pairs This is one of the safest trading platforms for traders on offer from TitanTrade, as instead of deciding whether the price of an asset will go above or below the current rate by your expiry time, traders are allowed to make their trade based on whether one asset will outperform another within a specific time frame. Thus, if traders have selected the asset that finishes at an expiry rate higher than the competing asset they will receive their payout percentage. However, if the other asset outperforms a trader’s chosen asset then they do not receive any payout.

Main Features

Traders may find a range of attractive features with TitanTrade; for instance, it brings several trading accounts e.g. Micro/Test Account which provide complete access to traders for their trading platform and a 20% bonus on the first deposit is one of the most preferred ones. Similarly, there is the ‘Classic Account’ wherein investing $1,000-2,500, traders get up to 30% bonus. Also on offer are the Premium Account, a Platinum Account and a VIP Account with a welcome bonus of 75%.

Customer Support

TitanTrade has an excellent customer service team with the help of trained staff. They can be contacted through chat and email. The broker can also be contacted by phone wherein traders can get quality services from the well trained staff.

Ultimate Review

This unique brokers offers traders a wide range of trading assets that may include inter alia stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. TitanTrade is a one-stop brokerage firm for binary options traders.

  • Scammed

    Titan Trade is the most dishonorable organization you have the displeasure of working with. Titan Trade is the most miserable place you can ever put your money!!! I have been trying to get my money out for 2 months to no avail. Now they say I can’t make a withdrawal because there is a bonus in my account. THEY PUT THE BONUS IN MY ACCOUNT 28 DAYS AFTER I FIRST TRIED TO WITHDRAW MY MONEY!! PLEASE STAY AWAY!

  • LT

    TitanTrade is a SCAM. They promised me in writing that I could withdraw all my funds and then later refused when I attempted to withdraw the funds. They are liars, thieves, and fraudsters. Especially Marcus Delorean and Jeff Nelson. See my video proof here:

  • Angelique Maxton

    SYSTEM, SARAH MARKAL DOES NOT EXIST, Actually you should Google Quick
    cash system for a laugh, its a story about government cover ups,
    conspiracies and a lady with big breasts who awkwardly tries to act like
    a worried mother to two random kids whos husband was a secret agent
    tries to convince you you can make a million dollars in a few months,
    it’s hilarious. I did my research online, I saw a site offering 99.9%
    accurate binary trading (as if), turns out its a huge scam and now they
    say ther are going to be calling me non stop because I was rude to the
    Phillipino lady who called me 3 times in the space of a minute. She
    literally called me back and said that is what they were going to do,
    call me ALL DAY every day. To which I said you clearly are a scam site
    and bring it on cause I have so much more to say to you. Bring it on, So
    now it is my mission to bring the truth out to anyone who will listen. I
    am a real person, a stay at home mother with a young baby who is in
    debt but rich in love, these monsters rip off the people who need an
    income the most. Shameless, I so nearly fell for this so please spread
    the word, I cannot stand the thought of another single person being
    scammed by these horrible disgusting demented manipulative scuds.

    • Hanne du Plessis

      They do call 3-4 times per day without answering,just to harass you. They do NOT answer any emails. They deducted $250 from my C/Card and now they just harass me daily with these unanswered calls.

  • RB

    Do not do business with Titan Trade. The company has no ethics and lacks integrity. Senior Manager told me I can not believe anything I am told by a broker unless it is in writing and the company tells brokers not to give anything in writing. Even when you get something in writing, the manager tells you the broker has been fired and it won’t be honoured. Stay away, in fact run away as they are crooks whose only job is to steal money from the investors.

  • Hills Sarah

    I was finally able to get my broker that took my $89000 to send me my funds through the option service, i am so happy that alot of people have also recovered their funds through same process, If your broker has take your funds above $5000 let me know i will tell you how to make them give you back your funds in few days.

    They dont listen to you because they feel you can do nothing to them, Email me on so i can help you get it back, am just so happy

  • Augie Akhide

    (Stay away from lan baker from titantrade)

    I was conned for $20000 from Titantrade I moved on but found I am really
    angry, I sent them an email expressing my disappointment and asked that
    my account be closed, they replied with a whole lot of speel, when I
    have finished unloading my frustration here I will reply with a huge
    broadside and finish on saying that I have been veiwing articles said
    about Titantrade on Binary option watchdog which I have added a few not
    so pleasent comments myself.

    They got my account up to $15000 and said we are going to make some big
    money now, promised to make $30000 from this trade made only $2000

    My account is now $17000 they made 4 trades $5000, $5000, $5000, and
    $2000 all on gold I was told money in the bank lost all, funny thing is
    when I placed the trades on there recommendation the payout came up as
    zero on all previous trades you can see the payout amount if the trade
    was successful I ask amount this and they told me not to worry this is
    normal I thought ok you trust them

    Titantrade scammed me and I wish I knew about you guys before joining

    Cheers guys keep up the good work