Reddcoin Surges in the Elite Cyrptocurrencies League


Reddcoin New Development Updates Lead to Price Increase – Reddcoin today is among the only cryptocurrencies that prefers to stay away from unnecessary pumps-and-dumps-to-reach-the-top-ten-market-cap theory. The coin has paved its own way by bringing the most unique methods with, most importantly, a clear vision – to enrich people’s social lives and make the digital currency accessible to general public. A social currency indeed!

There is no doubt that a currency with such an emerging persona will stay longer than those quick-rich-scheme selling coins. It gets further proved in the form of its performances of recent weeks. Once being available at around 4 Satoshi, Reddcoin is today valued at over 13 Satoshi. It is nothing but the attributes of this coin that is helping its sustenance in an over-competitive cryptocurrency market.


Reddcoin is mostly being publicized as a social-tipping coin. It will be useful for businesses that use social media platforms as one of their marketing methods. One can simply tip another user to promote their posts on internet. Reddcoin’s team is hopeful of their product to become the official tipping coin of the internet; proves the announcements of their number of substantial developments lately – one of them including the switching to Proof of Stake Velocity from Proof of Work.

Furthermore, the coin’s last halving is arriving soon as most of the coins have been already mined, and there are just a few left before it reaches its cap, and change to POSV. Join this fastest growing digital currency today.

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  • Brad Hammond

    If you are so “ethical” then why not tell the truth about redd price. It hasn’t been at 13 satoshi for more than a few hours at a time, more realistically it hovers at about 10. Too much hype, not enough fact;.

  • hey brad.. like i said, its not a quick-rich scheme.. a social tipping coin is more focused to remain inside the network.. Almost every coin out there is a hype, like a religion. Whilst, this one coin I believe is trying to stay in the parameters of internet money..

    The fluctuations you are referring have many factors my friend. This market works only on sentiments if you have observed lately.. Doesn’t matter even if it is the almighty Bitcoin..

    Reddcoin has just started.. I urge you to give this coin a little time to settle in.. Nonetheless, it is the idea which is on sale now a day.. You can call it hype..