Florida’s Epilepsy Foundation to Hold Medical Marijuana Forum


Florida’s Epilepsy Foundation to Hold Medical Marijuana ForumThe Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is scheduled to host a forum on medical marijuana today evening at the Pensacola Library as voters prepare to cast a ballot to decide whether to legalize the drug. The hearing will help families better understand the effects of medical marijuana, especially on epilepsy.

“There is a lot of information out there, and a lot of it is anecdotal,” Karen Basha Egozi, the CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, told the press. “We’re trying to provide families with facts and information that is proven, non-partisan and as up to date as possible.”

Epilepsy Foundation estimates that 2.3 million Americans suffer from epilepsy, with medical marijuana increasingly being touted as a viable treatment option to lower or prevent seizures, reports Pensacola News Journal.

The forum will tackle various questions ranging from the process of accessing medical marijuana, its efficacy and side effects as well as its myths and misconceptions. Key speakers at the hearing are Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, State Rep. Matt Gaetz, Dr. J. Ben Renfroe, a pediatric neurologist with the Child Neurology Center, Dr. Joseph Rosado, a doctor at Williston Family Health, among others.

Everyone is invited to the event, which will be held from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. at Pensacola Library at 293 N. Spring St.

Elsewhere in Charleston, South Carolina, a joint legislative panel reviewing medical marijuana will conduct a public hearing at the Medical University of South Carolina today. The panel has been traversing the state gathering comments that will assist legislators to draft inclusive marijuana laws.

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  • Nathan Rogers

    Leave the propaganda to rest, vote YES on Amendment 2. Back sick patients everywhere, people unresponsive to traditional medicine and left behind to drag on until death.

    Multiple Schlerosis.
    Stage 4 Cancer.
    and many many more.
    Just because there are a lot of conditions that may respond positively to Medical Marijuana, DOES NOT EQUATE these people as recreational abusers.

    The main issue with marijuana is the street dealers aren’t selling medical marijuana, it’s bred to be more recreational and contribute the high that doesn’t help debilitating diseases and conditions, such as cancer and autism. Amendment 2 allows doctors to help patients without another option find a medicine that improves the detrimental effects of a disease and quality of life. People whom abuse marijuana cannot abuse the medical marijuana Amendment 2 is passing, the Department of Health isn’t allowing it and neither is the very essence of Medical Marijuana with the CBD content that high isn’t apart of the appeal.