Florida Surgeon General Voices Opposition to Medical Marijuana Bill


Florida Surgeon General Voices Opposition to Medical Marijuana BillThe push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida faced a new roadblock on Monday after Florida Surgeon General announced he is opposed to the bill as he feels it allows untested drugs to circulate in the market, fuelling speculation the governor may veto it.

“We must be wary of unintended consequences and remember that first we must do no harm,” John Armstrong, the Florida Surgeon General and chief of the Florida Department of Health, told the House Judiciary Committee.

He instead advocated for research into the marijuana derivative and testing before it is approved for sale. So far, Florida Governor Rick Scott had neither publicly backed nor voiced his opposition to the bill, causing certain quarters to speculate that Armstrong’s remarks may be a signal of what he is thinking, reported Tampa Bay Times.

The committee endorsed the bill, titled HB 843 by a vote of 15-3, after earlier rewriting certain provisions of the draft. The alterations inserted clauses outlining the marijuana extract’s distribution system that will help in regulating marijuana later.


Part of the new amendments provides for the establishment of a “Compassionate Use Registry” that will only allow doctors to forward the names of eligible patients who will receive the non-euphoric strain of medical marijuana.

The bill’s House sponsor Republican Matt Gaetz expressed confidence that he will be able to discuss with Armstrong the contentious issues and find a solution, and that the bill will pass.

“We intend to send to the governor a medical cannabis bill and I expect that he will support it,” Gaetz said after the meeting.

Florida will vote on November to endorse Amendment 2, which ensures medical marijuana is legalized. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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  • Anonymous

    Florida leads the Union in prescription pill abuse and death, and the whole state does more Oxycontin than the other states put together, and this ‘Surgeon General’ thinks introducing the same marijuana that got a morphine dependent cat like me off the stuff for good even though I still have chronic bone disease (all I eat is cannabis anymore except in surgery it’s self, just is infuriating to those of us who know how liberating and wonderful it can be for a host of debilitating diseases. Not to mention 100% non toxic and it doesn’t hurt your body like every other narcotic out there.