Cryptocurrency Exchange Justcoin Reportedly Coming Back on November 24th


Cryptocurrency Exchange Justcoin Reportedly Coming Back on November 24th – Demised cryptocurrency exchange Justcoin is marking its return on November 24th this year, if the available reports are to be believed. The Norwegian exchange had to close itself down after being dropped by their account-holding banks. The decision came to light almost a month after Justcoin was hacked due to a Ripple feature gone wrong.

But even though, the exchange was able to recover a huge chunk of this stolen amount. Upon the announcement of shutting themselves down, Justcoin also asked users to withdraw their fiat and cryptocurrency before November 11th. Up until now, we haven’t seen any official complaint regarding users facing trouble in withdrawing their money.

With everything going smooth, one can guess that Justcoin’s only trouble was the absence of one well-settled financial institution, which can take care of their inbound and outbound transactions. As Norwegian banks openly had called for banning partnerships with Bitcoin businesses, one can guess that Justcoin has moved offshore.

The exchange’s co-founder Andreas Brekken had earlier promised a comeback as well. “We,” he said, “as a team have a lot to offer and we are very dedicated to the community. We would prefer a solution where we join up with somebody else and say ‘hey, we’ve got the technology, we have a great brand, and we really believe that we can move this community forward together.’”

So if the rumors are correct, we are thrilled to have Justcoin back on its feet. Hope their next tenure keep its distance from scandalous events.

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  • CryptoBoss

    Andreas and Justcoin are lying! Their behavior has been outrageous! They
    stole 23.6% of all their customers Ripples/XRPs and also (a lower
    percentage) of customers STRs. They have not returned them. It was only
    the remaining 76.4% that could be withdrawn!