Have Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:INNV) Shares Bottomed Out?


Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:INNV) shares dipped 0.39% to $0.253 on Friday and were flat in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.03 and $0.66. The company has a market cap of $27.05 million at 106.08 million shares outstanding.

In a press release, Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc announced the launch of UriVarx in the US, a product that is clinically proven to reduce urinary urgency, accidents and both day and night frequency in Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence patients. This is the  fifth Innovus product to be launched using the company’s acquired Beyond Human sales and marketing platform.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc projects that the product could generate an additional $3.0 million a year in revenues, bringing it closer to their goal of making $15 million per year starting next year. The product has already undergone two double blind and comparative trials in both male and female OAB and UI patients.

CEO Dr. Bassam Damaj mentioned that bladder health affects millions of Americans and that it is important to offer a natural clinically-tested remedy. The National Association for Continence estimated that over 33 million Americans suffer from Overactive Bladder with a market size over $2.1 billion while the Simon Foundation projects that Urinary Incontinence affects 26 million Americans with a total market size of $1.1 billion.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc was also recently able to reach an exclusive license and distribution agreement with J&H Co for the commercialization of Zestra in South Korea. This agreement includes a minimum of $2 million per year in sales to the company, putting the company a step closer to its $15 million per year goal. Zestra is  a patented blend of natural oils clinically-proven  to increase in a statistical significant manner the arousal, desire and sexual satisfaction in FSI/AD women.

“We are pleased to partner with such a successful consumer products distributor such as J&H, making Zestra® available to consumers in South Korea,” said Innovus Pharmcaceuticals Inc CEO Dr. Bassam Damaj. “This partnership, our 15th partnership outside the United States, shows our commitment to making our products commercially available in markets outside of the United States and achieving our 2017 goals of $15 million in revenue and profitability.”

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the commercialization, licensing, and development of non-prescription medicine and consumer care products to improve men’s and women’s health and vitality and respiratory diseases. As such, it markets approximately five products in the United States and six in a range of countries around the world through its commercial partners and has commercial agreements in over 60 countries around the world through its commercial partners.

The company’s marketed products include Zestra, EjectDelay, Sensum+, Zestra Glide, Vesele and Androferti. In addition, the Company has a pipeline of over three additional products, including FlutiCare Over-The-Counter for Allergic Rhinitis; Urocis XR, an extended release of Vaccinium Marcocarpon (cranberry), and AndroVit, a supplement to support overall prostate and male sexual health, which is marketed in Europe.

Where Advanced Medical Isotope Corp (OTCMKTS:ADMD) Are Headed Next


Advanced Medical Isotope Corp (OTCMKTS:ADMD) shares surged 17.89% on Friday to $0.112 and were flat in after-hours trading. The company has a market cap of $2.36 million at 20.0 million shares outstanding. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.07 to $1.00 so there’s still plenty of potential upside left.

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp is a radiation oncology focused medical device company that is formerly known as Savage Mountain Sports Corporation. The company is now focused on he development of Y-90 based brachytherapy devices for the treatment of non-resectable tumors. Brachytherapy uses radiation to manage cancerous tumors by placing a radioactive isotope inside or next to the treatment area.

In line with this, the company is engaged in the development of its brachytherapy products, which includes Y-90 RadioGel device, Y-90 Fast-Resorbable Polymer Seeds and Y-90 Polymer Topical Paste. Y-90 Fast-Resorbable Polymer Seeds contains Y-90 within a polymer seed, as opposed to metal or glass. Y-90 Polymer Topical Paste is designed to be applied to tissue surfaces after surgical tumor removals to treat residual tumor cells. Its lead product is the Y-90 RadioGel device, which combines Y-90 particles with a polymer carrier that is injected into the tumor.

The company was recently awarded $527,875.74 in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for Benton County against BancLeasing, Inc. stemming from arguments on the interpretation and application of the terms for finance leases of laboratory equipment, a linear accelerator, and tenant improvements.

“The company is actively pursuing collection efforts, and while we can give no assurance as to the final amount and when we might collect, we will utilize every avenue possible to collect on this judgment,” stated Advanced Medical Isotope Corp Chief Finance Officer L. Bruce Jolliff.

With that, Advanced Medical Isotope Corp should be back on track towards outsourcing material aspects of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing for its products in the United States and to enter into licensing arrangements outside of the country. However, the daily chart of the company’s stock still shows a massive downtrend that started in April this year and just seems to be bottoming out.

An upside breakout would be needed to confirm that a reversal from the slide is imminent and the level to watch is $0.2. From there, a move higher could find resistance at the $0.3 level before the path is cleared for further gains and a prolonged climb for Advanced Medical Isotope Corp stock.

“With the recent filing of our 10K annual report, we now look forward to presenting to existing shareholders and new investors the significant progress in our capital restructuring plan as well as our regulatory and commercialization roadmap for 2016. We are very pleased with the results of our efforts to improve our balance sheet during 2015,” cited Chairman and CEO James Katzaroff.

Don’t Miss The mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) Shares’ Rally


mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) shares were up 9.41% on Friday to $0.107 and flat in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.02 to $0.22. The company has a market cap of $29.53 million at 331.66 million shares outstanding.

Last month, mCig Inc announced that its subsidiary finalized an exclusive deal with Sangreen International Agricultural Technology Co, which is a leading greenhouse manufacturer. This will enable the company to purchase, offer and market Greenhouses for China’s pioneering manufacturer and global distributor of the comprehensive Cannabis market in the US.

Note that the cannabis industry in the US is projected to grow to $20 billion by 2020 after the November 8 vote that legalized the use of recreational or medical marijuana in several states. Companies are already competing in the space in terms of products and services, but mCig Inc is uniquely positioned to meet demands of underserviced parts of this marijuana market.

mCig Inc is a diversified company servicing the legal cannabis, hemp and CBD markets through its lifestyle brands. It has transitioned from a vaporizer manufacturer to industry large scale, full service cannabis cultivation construction company with its Scalable Solutions division operating in a Nevada market.

The company has two divisions: mCig Construction Division and mCig Commercial Division. The former constructs commercial buildings and modular buildings according to plans supplied by the customer, or act as a design/build firm taking the customer from concept to full turnkey occupancy, utilizing modular technology and structural insulated panels. It also manufactures, distributes and retails the mCig, a loose-leaf electronic vaporizing cigarette, while its  subsidiary, Vapolution, Inc., manufactures and retails home-use vaporizers, such as the Vapolution 2.0.

Scalable Solutions operations are already underway and the company has five projects currently under construction, and a backlog of more than $6 million. Three flagship projects are Sin City, Green Leaf and Solaris in Nevada. Sin City will eventually expand from 4,800 square feet to 40,000 square feet and Green Leaf will modify it entire facility in order to occupy all 30,000 square feet of their facility.  At completion, Solaris will occupy only 20% of its land parcel with a view to expanding to occupy a much higher percentage going forward so there’s also room for expansion and construction.

Another revenue stream is its brand of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, Rollies. mCig Inc reported pre-orders of more than a million units, far higher than anyone predicted and that was ahead of the November 8 elections. This means that orders likely jumped after the outcome of the vote and would mean more profit potential for mCig Inc.

Apart from that, the company announced that it is continuing to expand in international markets, through its VitaCig Division. mCig Inc noted that it has signed a 3-year distribution agreement for Europe which would result in a minimum purchase of $2 million. On top of that, the division has signed an agreement for Japan, valued at $1.3 million. These announcements accompanied the launch of the company’s VitaCig Excalibur, a rechargeable capsule system.


When plants literally yield Bitcoin rewards


Who hasn’t heard of the phrase that money doesn’t grow on plants? Well disapproving the said conventional wisdom is Dragons.tl.

The famous Bitcoin-based MMORPG casino platform, places players in a virtual island which is filled with hidden treasures. In this virtual island, one can opt in for berry farming.


Berry Farming is a distinctive game in the virtual casino worlds as it offers a potential to win a large “portion of your initial Bitcoin wager over and over without having to bet again.”
 As the name suggests, it is a game about berries, where what each berry will pay can be found out by clicking on the avatar and can be used accordingly to bet and earn.

The plants grow rapidly in this game. Within seconds the plant will sprout and pop up, growing up and further yielding either a berry or a seed(s) in no time.

The berries are to be collected and you’ll be paid whatever they are worth. Another unique feature of the game is that if you have received a seed instead of the berry, you can re-plant the seed to win more after the seed matures this time and yields a berry or even seeds.

Once the plant is harvested, it can indefinitely keep on yielding profits based on the number of times it has already given berries. For example, if the plant has already given berries once then the second time it will give out 4 instead of 1, third time it will give out 9 and so on. This potential of the game for winning over and over again by placing the bets just once helps Dragons.tl to stand out from the crowd.

This is a fun game as most of the people enjoy virtual farming. The potential of the game to earn multifold by reducing the risk of plants that don’t pay or pay little is what makes the game unique. Dragons.tl has much more to offer in terms of games and the chance to win big. To know more about it, do go through this link.

vDice ICO Participants Can Check Their vSlice Balance on MyEtherWallet


Bitcoin and Ethereum have become the most favored currencies for online gambling these days. The advantages in terms of accessibility, the speed of transactions, instant payouts and ease of use offered by cryptocurrencies outweighs that of conventional fiat.

vDice is a leading online gambling platform based on Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized autonomous platform allows users to directly place bets without having to go through the account creation and registration process. The placed bets will be instantly executed and payouts are processed within minutes. From being just a gambling platform, vDice is now turning into a full-fledged decentralized game ecosystem.

vDice as a part of its initiative is currently in the process of raising funds through an ICO. The ICO involving pre-sale of vSlice tokens will give an opportunity for investors to be a part of the revolution. With just over a week remaining, investors can gain 100 vSlice tokens for each ETH invested. The directions to participate in the ICO is available on vDice’s crowd sale webpage.

Those who have already invested in the vDice ICO can check also verify their vSlice balance easily. The platform has issued step-by-step instructions in its latest blog post.

In order to check the vSlice balance, users can visit MyEtherWallet and click on the “Send Ether and Tokens” tab. Once the tab is opened, they will have to either upload their private key file or enter the private key of the wallet they used to buy vSlice. After entering the key, they have to add a custom token by entering the following details:

ADDRESS: 0x5c543e7AE0A1104f78406C340E9C64FD9fCE5170



After saving the details, the wallet will be updated with the token amount. This will help investors keep track of their investments in vDice platform. The vSlice tokens will soon be available for trade on multiple exchange platforms soon after the completion of ICO.

vDice has so far raised over $1.7 million in ether, out of which the first million was raised in less than 20 minutes. All the funds raised through the ICO will be used for further development of the platform, marketing and promotional activities, bounty programs and more.

vSlice token holders also have the option to get a share of profits from vDice, every month. If you are an investor interested in being part of vDice, then the ongoing ICO is the right time to do so.

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDMXN Searching For A Top Within A Big Correction


USDMXN is moving slightly higher at this stage, but still only within a complex wave B correction that is expected to find a top near 21.0000. Technically we see a bearish pattern because of that five waves drop on wave A at the start of November, so weakness will be expected to resume towards 20.0000 while 21.3790 holds.

At the moment we are tracking a double zig-zag correction in blue wave B-circled.

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A “Fix-All” Solution for Short-Term Hiring and Freelance Industry


The informal employment sector is full of options but lacks standardization. Recruiters have a tough time filtering through hundreds of profiles on various social network and freelance platforms, while looking for a short-term hire. At the same time, candidates have to compete with thousands of peers, irrespective of their experience; not to mention the hefty fees charged from both the employers and candidates by these platforms.

ChronoBank, a blockchain-based platform is on its way to revolutionizing the industry by creating a new standard. The platform intends to disrupt the short-term recruitment industry, just the way Uber did to taxi services and Upwork for freelancing (to an extent). The ChronoBank platform, powered by Labor Hour time-based cryptocurrency, promises to offer a secure, transparent platform to facilitate the recruitment process for various projects and companies but also makes payments much simpler and cost-effective.

The ChronoBank platform democratizes the short term hiring industry by offering a leveled playing field where the credentials of all the candidates are verified and assigned with reputation score. The reputation score automatically builds up as they execute projects for their employers satisfactorily. At the same time, the reputation score will be helpful for the employers to identify the right candidate for their job, based on experience levels and charges.

When it comes to hiring freelancers across geographic borders, the employees are left with few payment options. They have to either opt for traditional wire transfer, use PayPal or Bitcoin. International wire transfer takes anywhere between a couple of days to weeks and includes foreign exchange conversion fees. Even though money transfer is much faster with PayPal, the platform charges a hefty transaction fees and the quality of service varies from region to region. The Bitcoin option has so far been the most efficient method, albeit adoption and volatility issues.

ChronoBank offers a “fix-all” solution for these issues with its Labor Hour tokens. For starters, Labor Hour is a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the value of multiple major fiat currencies namely, US dollar, Australian dollar, UK pound sterling and the euro. It is a multi-blockchain cryptocurrency with all the capabilities of Bitcoin and much more; supported by Ethereum, NEM and Waves platforms. Employers can transfer funds in Labor Hour tokens to freelancers and short-term hires no matter in which part of the world they are, without worrying about the transaction costs. Recipients of Labor Hour tokens can either choose to spend it through their Labor Hour powered debit cards on any online payment gateway, PoSterminal or withdraw in fiat over any ATM. Labor Hour can also be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies over LaborX exchange platform.

As the development of ChronoBank platform continues, the team is organizing an ICO to raise funds for further development and marketing. This December, investors interested in being part of the new, revolutionary platform can buy Time tokens during the crowd sale and reap various benefits.

Sino Agro Food Inc (OTCMKTS:SIAF) Looking at More Growth Opportunities


Sino Agro Food Inc (OTCMKTS:SIAF) shares were up 4.48% to $3.75 on Thursday and flat in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $3.35 to $11.40. The company has a market cap of $80.46 million at 21.46 million shares outstanding.

In a press release this week, Sino Agro Food Inc confirmed that its operating company, Jiangmen City A Power Fishery Development Co. Ltd.has received an official letter of commitment from one of Southeast Asia’s international banking firms regarding its loan approval. This facility is an unsecured revolving 2-year term loan of 250 million CNY for financing JFD’s aquaculture business unit’s working capital at 4.5% to 6.5% interest.

“We would like to extend our appreciation to the lending institution for its commitment to us and our aquaculture business portfolio. Their sector expertise, business foresight and strong understanding of the significant opportunities within the China market were invaluable to us when securing this loan. The loan will enable us to develop the farm projects in the Guangdong region within an accelerated time frame,” remarked Solomon Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sino Agro Food Inc.

He added that, in addition to funding the build out of its aquaculture segment, it will also enhance the company’s credit worthiness in its ability to secure additional funds from the market.

“We remain committed to executing on our strategic plan to develop the Aquaculture business into a world-leading provider of seafood prior to spinning out the business and listing it on a major stock exchange. This strategy is expected to unleash significant shareholder value and we are excited by the opportunities ahead of us as we move into this high growth phase of our development,” concluded Lee.

This follows a mixed earnings report from Sino Agro Food Inc for the third quarter of the year, as the company’s EPS missed estimates even though it surpassed the previous quarter’s EPS. Revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2016 totaled $124.1 million as revenue from the sale of goods increased by 5%.

“During the third quarter of 2016 we made significant inroads executing on our strategic plan to restructure the business and maximize value for shareholders. Overall, it was a very positive quarter, exhibited through improved gross margins, a stronger cash balance and significant operational progress in both the aquaculture and the cattle/beef businesses,” remarked CEO Lee.

Sino Agro Food Inc is an agriculture technology and natural food holding company that acquires and maintains equity stakes in a portfolio of companies to produce, distribute, market and sell protein food, and produce, primarily seafood and cattle. The company also provides consulting and services to joint venture partners to construct and operate food businesses, producing wholesale fish and cattle.

In particular, Sino Agro Food Inc operates in five segments: Fishery Development Division operated by Capital Award, Inc. and Jiang Men City A Power Fishery Development Co., Limited; HU Plantation Division operated by Jiang Men City Heng Sheng Tai Agriculture Development Co., Limited; Organic Fertilizer and Bread Grass Division operated by Qinghai Sanjiang A Power Agriculture Co., Limited and Qinghai Zhong He Meat Products Co., Limited, among others; Cattle Farm Development Division operated by Jiang Men City Hang Mei Cattle Farm Development Co. Limited and Macau Eiji Company Limited, and Corporate and Others Division.

Cellectar Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:CLRB) Trading Near Record Lows


Cellectar Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:CLRB) shares were down 4.08% to $1.41 on Thursday but bounced 0.71% to $1.42 in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $1.00 to $12.30. The company has a market cap of $8.25 million at 6.17 million shares outstanding.

Cellectar Biosciences Inc provided a  data update on the first two cohorts of the company’s Phase I clinical study of CLR 131 in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma. The patients in Cohort 1 received a single 12.5 mCi/m2 dose and patients in Cohort 2 received a single 18.75 mCi/m2 dose. So far, Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 patients have demonstrated post treatment median survival of 11.9 months and 4.9 months, respectively.

“The efficacy observed with CLR 131 at the 12.5 and 18.75 mCi/m2 single dose compares favorably to drugs recently approved for relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma. We believe that the 18.75 mCi/m2 dose could represent an acceptable single dose or multi-dose regimen for future studies,” said Jim Caruso, President and CEO of Cellectar Biosciences Inc. “Combined with its clean safety profile, we are optimistic regarding the potential of CLR 131 and look forward to seeing results from our recently initiated Cohort 3 at a single 25mCi/m2 dose.”

In Cohort 1, patients averaged 88.5 days of progression free survival (PFS). While patients in Cohort 2 have already achieved an average PFS of 127 days, the average PFS in Cohort 2 continues to increase as one of the four patients is still experiencing PFS. The median survival for all evaluable patients in both cohorts continues to increase and will be followed to determine overall survival benefit.

These promising results follow the company’s announcement of  the closing of its underwritten public offering of 1.6 million shares of its common stock and 68 shares of its preferred stock. This includes the previously announced $8 million offering and the underwriter’s full exercise of their $1.2 million over-allotment option.

“We view the outcome of this offering as evidence of investor confidence in the company’s strategic direction and the consistent delivery of meaningful milestones in a relatively short period of time.  This is further emphasized by the underwriter’s exercise of their full over-allotment option, which elevates the total gross proceeds to more than $9 million,” remarked CEO Caruso.  “These funds position the company to further advance the clinical development of CLR 131 in multiple myeloma and other hematologic malignancies, including our NCI supported Phase II study, as well as the continued development of our PDC Delivery Platform through in-house R&D and partnered collaborations.”

Formerly known as Novelos Therapeutics Inc, Cellectar Biosciences Inc is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in developing phospholipid ether-drug conjugates (PDCs) for the treatment and diagnostic imaging of cancer. Its research and development program is based on its PDC cancer targeting delivery platform. Its pipeline consists of pre-clinical and clinical product candidates, including radiotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic PDCs.

The company’s product portfolio includes CLR 131, which is designed to deliver cytotoxic radiation directly and selectively to cancer cells and cancer stem cells; CLR 125, which is for the treatment of micro metastatic disease; CLR 124, which is a cancer-targeting positron emission tomographyimaging PDC; CLR 1502, which is for intraoperative tumor margin illumination and non-invasive tumor imaging, and CTX Product Portfolio, including CLR 1601-PTX, CLR 1602-PTX and CLR 1603-PTX product candidates.

Bullish Prospects Lining Up for Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM)


Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) shares were up 34.62% to $0.00350 and flat in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.02. The company has a market cap of $552K at 200.32 million shares outstanding.

In a press release this week, Viaderma Inc shared that several patients have had significant treatment success with the use of its innovative transdermal system for the delivery of its FDA registered drug, Viabecline. This is a topical liquid tetracycline-based antibiotic that uses a patent-pending innovative transdermal delivery system that can convert oral medication active ingredients into topical drugs and is registered as a first aid antibiotic to help prevent skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

The results were achieved in just 10 days of treatment using the company’s proprietary patent-pending transdermal delivery system, which can deliver medications and nutrients into the body through the skin and increase the absorption as much as 100 times directly to the localized treatment areas.

“We are also in the clinical testing stages of an anti-aging topical solution, topical pain medication, a topical for male-pattern baldness, and a topical designed to boost male libido,” said Viaderma Inc CEO Dr. Christopher Otiko. “We are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved to date in terms of the anecdotal feedback we have received from the medical community. We are also in early-stage discussion with two companies to private label Viabecline for distribution in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, and Europe.”

The company is also seeking to venture in the cannabis industry, which is set to reach $20 billion by 2020 thanks to the outcome of the November 8 vote to legalize the use of medical or recreational marijuana in several states. The company announced the Patent Pending use of its innovative transdermal system for the delivery of Calanoids and Tetrahydrocannabinol for the treatment of several diseases.

With that, the company has several potential revenue streams lined up and the commercialization of its products could lend tremendous upside to share prices. CBD is often used for the reduction of inflammation and for the treatment of several diseases, such as, nicotine addiction, fibromyalgia, Cohn’s disease, schizophrenia, migraine headaches, pain management for cancer and Multiple Sclerosis and the addition of transdermal delivery can spur immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

Viaderma Inc is a pharmaceutical company focused on bringing new products to the pharmaceutical industry through research and development. With that, it licenses and sells products in fields of medicine ranging from infectious diseases to stem-cell therapy. The company’s products are distributed over-the-counter and are applied topically using a delivery system technology.

Aside from developing and selling new products to the market, Viaderma Inc is exploring the possibility of licensing the technology to other pharmaceutical companies. It has products in development in various fields, including topical antibiotics (TetraStem), topical anti-viral product (Viralcur) for genital herpes, anti-fungal products for onychomycocis (OnyPro), hair loss prevention product (HairGain), skin cancer therapies (Cantrile), and a topical stem cell therapy product (TetraStem Plus).

Dragon’s Tale – Gather Precious Leaves and Turn them into Bitcoin


Dragon’s Tale was the first Casino in the Bitcoin Gambling Industry that was able to introduce a whole new different concept for gambling. The site designed a platform where players can gamble and enjoy a fantastic role-play game adventure at the same time.

The site offers a wide variety of exotic casino games in a 3D virtual world where players will also have the chance to role-play. In Dragon’s Tale you will also find an amazing and exotic set of casino-based games for you to take some money out of it and have fun with.

One of these exotic games is the Treefalls. In this game, players need to gather different species of Tree leaves.

Scattered around the islands of Dragon’s Tale you’ll find many different Trees. You can bet on them by clicking on them. After that you’ll see a menu with different buttons to bet. This puts money into the Tree; After that, the tree will shake and if you are lucky enough, some precious leaves will fall. If you win, leaves will fall out the Tree. If you lose, your money is “hidden” in the plant and is added to the random pot winnings for the next winner. You can also do this with all the grasses and shrubs that you find along the way.

Most plants and shrubs require a 1 BTM bet. However, there are a few 10 kSAT plants on Zhifu (bamboo, laurel shrub, and river reed), as well as a few 10 BTM plants (bamboo and quince). Different grasses and shrubs have different payout structures.

Dragon’s Tale is the coolest casino you will ever find! Sign up to Dragon’s Tale right now and meet the first Casino where you can also role-play.

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Elliott Wave Analysis: GBPUSD Intra-day View Suggests More Gains To Follow


GBPUSD has five waves up from 1.2388 so we can expected 1.2530 to be taken out in the near future as big wave 2) flat pattern appears to be finished. That said, current minor retracement down to 1.2470 can be sub-wave 2, which means that trend remains bullish as long as 1.2388 low is not taken out.

A Flat is a three-wave pattern labeled A-B-C that generally moves sideways. It is corrective, counter-trend and is a very common Elliott pattern.

A Expanded Flat Pattern:









Elliott Wave Analysis: GBPUSD Intra-day View Suggests More Gains To Follow 0 100 0