BitPlutos Introduces Welcome Bonus for New Entrants


bitplutos_for — Renowned binary options broker BitPlutos has announced that it is offering a special welcome bonus to traders making their first deposits into the platform.

The European broker, known for using Bitcoin as its primary deposit/withdrawal method, explained its motives behind introducing welcome bonus plans, saying that they offer traders the “possibility to catch up” with binary option trading strategies without facing risks.

“Making money on the markets’ ups and downs needs more than just keen insight,” BitPlutos stated. :It requires cash in your BitPlutos account. The more you are able to invest in a single trade, the more money you can make.”

“Bonuses also offer the possibility to catch up when your trading is not going too well. That is why at BitPutos we reward new investors with trading bonuses just to give them an initial boost.”

The Deposit-Bonus Proportionality

The minimum deposit required to qualify for bonus is 1 BTC. Making the said deposit provides trader an additional 0.5 BTC in his/her account. Similarly, traders depositing 3 BTC get an additional 2 BTC to trade at BitPlutos binary trading platform.

Meanwhile, traders looking to play like professionals can also enter BitPlutos by raising their initial deposit to 5 BTC. This gets them an additional funding of 5 BTC.

BitPlutos also offers customized bonus features, where traders can make initial deposits of their choices and still get away with the higher additional funds. This feature however could be availed only upon contacting the BitPlutos Account Manager personally.

Additional Bonus Offers

In addition to providing welcome bonuses, BitPlutos also offers attractive deals to those who do not possess Bitcoins at the time of deposits. Perhaps the best thing about choosing BitPlutos as your Bitcoin retailer is that that it doesn’t charge pay fees/commissions. More details about BitPlutos Exchange Bonus can be retrieved from this link.

To know more about this binary option broker, please visit here.

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