BitPlutos Guarantees Full Anonymity to Binary Options Traders


bitplutos_for — A binary options broker from Europe is offering traders something unusual and attractive.

BitPlutos, a dedicated and renowned binary options trading platform headquartered in Gibraltar, claims that it has brought user-anonymity into the traditional trading space. It means that any trader signing up at BitPlutos gets to hide his/her personal identity from third parties. The method is truly innovative, for none of the brokers we know offer such services to their clients.

The core of this service becomes instant clear upon the mention of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency launched in 2008 by an pseudo-anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto. The innovative form of payment and remittance has gained traction lately because of its abilities to transaction amounts with very low commissions and much higher speeds. But the one thing for which it is talked about everywhere is its ability to offer full-to-partial anonymity.

The launch of BitPlutos was always aimed at utilizing Bitcoin’s talents in the field of binary options trading. As CEO Damian Cišek expressed in his interview to, Bitcoin and anonymity goes hand-in-hand, and it was always their mission “to establish the maximum security for our investors.”

“We’ve always been of opinion that those who can capitalize in world markets should not pay price for their knowledge,”  he added. “I mean, why should you? You are smart, so you shouldn’t be “punished” for it, right?”

However, using full anonymity somewhat keeps traders from covering Bitcoin to their preferred fiat currencies. For this BitPlutos has derived a partial-anonymity feature that enables traders to withdraw funds in fiat using the traditional methods like Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Wire. For obvious reasons, using this approach requires traders to submit their identity documents, while with Bitcoin withdrawals, it is not an issue.

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