The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014 Invites Interested Speakers

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The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014 Invites Interested Speakers

The organizers of ‘The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014’ to be held on 12-13 February, 2014 at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati, Manila, Philippines, are inviting speakers who can share their pearls of wisdom and experiences with the virtual currency. All the interested people who can speak up may contact the organizers as there are several vacant positions both in panels and open mic. Speakers will be sharing their views on Bitcoins and their future in Asian market.

Talking about the agenda for ‘The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014,’ the release from the organizing body says that it will basically revolve around Bitcoins and will be related to the utilization of these digital coins mainly in Asia. The organizers of the event expect that speakers are experts and knowledgeable and capable in giving as well as explaining all the aspects that one needs to understand about Bitcoins.

An Opportunity for Bitcoin Leaders to Share their Views with Bitcoin Fans and Critics

Participating speakers will have unprecedented access to a knowledgeable audience that is willing to listen to the nuances of the virtual currency and its implications for markets, users, governments, etc. in Asia. The organizers of ‘The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014,’ admit that for the success of the convention, inviting renowned speakers who have expert level knowledge is essential.

Event is Similar to Other Bitcoin Conferences

Like all other Bitcoin conferences held in the UK and the US, this event too will be attracting a large number of audiences and in such a situation there cannot be any better opportunity than this for Bitcoin leaders to share their views and opinions.

The organizers of ‘The First Bitcoinvention Asia 2014,’ admit that the complete list of speakers will be released sooner rather than later and they are waiting for the numbers to increase. They understand that unless they invite renowned speaker and experts, people are not going to take interest and for that it is roping in some leading stalwarts.

It will bring the full list of excellent and credible speakers who have the finest grasp on what as well as how incredible these digital coins are. ‘Bitcoinvention’ will give the complete overview of all things related to Bitcoins – from the general ones down to specific details as the speakers will be providing ample coverage to almost all subjects pertaining to the crypto-currency.

Bitcoin has been facing a lot of challenges recently, particularly, in Thailand where the government banned it. This conference will discuss all such issues.

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