Cody Wilson, the Creator of Controversial 3D Printed Guns to Come Up With Bitcoin Wallet

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Cody Wilson, the Creator of Controversial 3D Printed Guns to Come Up With Bitcoin Wallet

Cody Wilson who made headlines last year when he launched a bid to manufacture a 3D-printed pistol, the Liberator, is working on a piece of software designed to help people circumvent the government using the semi-anonymous virtual currency Bitcoin. Wired Magazine’s Danger Room considers him one of The 15 Most Dangerous People in the World for his ideas.

The Young Man Has Been Outstanding

This young man, also known as a crypto-anarchist and market anarchist activist has been working on the software for the past two months and hopes that he will come with a solution soon. When everyone was expecting something from him, he went in oblivion and has now come up with a bang which seems promising.

Cody Wilson, a founder and director of Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization that develops and publishes open source gun designs (Wiki Weapons) suitable for 3D printing, will come up with a new which he is developing with the help of Bitcoin entrepreneur Amir Taaki and according to reports, will be called ‘Dark Wallet.’

Wilson says that when we are enabled, through alternative means and technologies, to channel our commerce as we will, channel our production as we will, the state simply disappears. First he raised two hundred Bitcoins for the Liberator. During this period he attracted the attention of a twenty-five-year-old Brit named Amir Taaki, a Bitcoin entrepreneur.

Partnership with Amir Taaki

According to Wilson, Amir Taaki e-mailed him with an invitation to speak at the Bitcoin 2012 Conference, in London which he accepted and from then onwards the two have developed their partnership. However, it was not until January of 2013, when Wilson and Taaki met in person for the first time.

After meeting with Taaki, Wilson visited a workspace for hackers in Bratislava, Slovakia, and to anarchist squats in London. He was impressed with Bitcoin, unregulated, untaxed, nearly untraceable currency. The two young men seem to be beaming with confidence, both are full with ideas and innovation.

Project ‘Dark Wallet’

Currently known as Dark Wallet, it is a simple wallet designed and developed for easy use for people who aren’t tech-savvy. According to Wilson and Taaki duo, Dark Wallet will accelerate the currency’s rate of adoption around the world as it will be open-source and free to use. The duo also hopes to create a vast stable of Bitcoin-related tools.

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