A Bitcoin Gambler Wins the Biggest Bitcoin Gamble, Takes Away 11,000 Bitcoins

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A Bitcoin Gambler Wins the Biggest Bitcoin Gamble, Takes Away 11,000 Bitcoins

In the biggest Bitcoin gambling win, the man named ‘Nakowa’ took away 11,000 Bitcoins – or about $1.3 million. Reportedly this has caused huge losses to, one of Bitcoin’s most popular and profitable casinos. is a European-based cybercasino that offers a set of dice games played for the highly valuable digital currency Bitcoin.

Nakowa made 11,000 Bitcoins or about $1.3 million in just one weekend of gambling and is being considered one of the luckiest men on earth., a European-based cybercasino offers comprehensive gambling opportunities for the highly valuable digital currency Bitcoin. According to sources Nakowa’s gambling began badly, he lost a lot initially; however, he was bullish.

In fact, Nakowa made the cybercasino rich with his losing streak and helped it hit its highest single profit point of all time i.e. 7,000 Bitcoins or $862,400 on hand. However, it was Nakowa’s fearless and bullish attitude that kept him in the game and when he won single handedly erased all the profits that had earned earlier.

Questions are being raised that Nakowa may not be simply lucky or maybe he is some cheater. However, it is apparent that Just-Dice provides the most innovative cyber gambling as it doesn’t just go after gamblers. Here anyone can put money into the site for other players to play against and profit from their investment of whatever amount, Nakowa seems to have cashed this.

Witnesses also tell that the way Nakowa was gambling looked as if he was determined to make a lot of money as when he was losing, he kept playing. Some theories also say that he is perhaps a single individual with deep pockets as he could afford initial losses and still be in the gambling to make money in the end.

What is

Just-Dice is a cybercasino which offers rich features. The website provides great functionality and makes gambling simple and quick. In fact, the cybercasino has a slim 1 per cent edge and for so many traders its whole system is probably fair, as it has transparent algorithms powering the betting.

Some other features that this online Bitcoin gambling firm offers include near-instant rolls, off-the Blockchain – so no Blockchain spam, win up to 1 million times your bet, etc. According to the people who have opened their account with the cybercasino, it provides a great innovative system that improves on ‘dice’ Bitcoin betting in nearly every way.

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