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Account Denomination?: Binary options brokers give you the ability to have your account in Dollars, Pounds, Euros or Turkish Lira.

Asset: An asset is the forex, stock, index or commodity that the binary option is based on.

At-the-money: A binary option is at-the-money when the option expires at the same level it was purchased, which results in the full investment sum being returned to the investor.



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  • Camaro
    Hello! There is a new binary options platform running exclusively on bitcoins. What I found really interesting is that you can be totally anonymous while trading bitcoins - there is no verification for bitcoin users. The site is owned by eXclusive Ltd, the owner of platform in the industry since 2012, which is a financial liability guarantee. Registration is free, so is the binary trading. All they require is a working email address and a password. *Provide your valid phone number if you're willing to get some live trainings/webinars/tips/trading strategies. The methods of making a payment include bitcoin wallets of course, but you can also transfer fiat currencies via Skrill/Neteller/Wire that get converted into bitcoins with a current exchange rate. Everything is done live on the platform. You can get a welcome bonus to your initial deposit. The more you deposit, the bigger bonus you get but usually bonuses range from 50 to 100% of your deposit. Obviously, you need to make a certain trading volume to cash out the bonus. The platform is really responsive and fast. Its quotes are provided by the Thomson Reuters agency which is a guarantee of accuracy. You can trade over 90 different assets: currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and bitcoin-based assets (actually they have 9 at the moment). And the profits? You can really earn up to 80% per trade! And for all the unexperienced, their Account Managers provide thorough webinars/trainings, their Support Team is there for you 24/7 as well. Last but not least, they enable the Spot Follow feature which allows you to track other, better and more experienced, traders. Sounds good? Then go for it -

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