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ETHXBT Technical Analysis – Sept 13, 2017

ETHXBT has formed lower highs and found support just below 0.07000, creating a descending triangle formation.

Binance Technical Analysis – Sept 5, 2017

Binance continues to tread sideways but is starting to show signs of selling off. This could mean that the longer-term downtrend is set to resume

Binance Technical Analysis – Aug 28, 2017

Binance is trending lower against bitcoin and is currently consolidating in a short-term symmetrical triangle pattern.

Bitconnect Coin Technical Analysis – Aug 24, 2017

Bitconnect Coin is treading slightly higher against bitcoin, taking advantage of resurfacing hard fork issues.

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GBPJPY Forex Technical Analysis – April 19, 2018

GBPJPY continues to trend higher but has bounced off the top of its long-term ascending channel visible on the 4-hour time frame.

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